New App Release: Alternate Routes

When suggesting a path, SmartHalo always tries to find the route that strikes the best balance between safety, distance and speed. This being said, a single path can’t always be the best option, so today we are happy to announce Alternate Routes!

After updating to the latest version of the app, you will notice that when you search for a destination, you will now be given more than one option (unless there is only one logical path available). Not only can you tap directly on the path you prefer, but you can also open up the Alternate Paths menu up top to have a one-word description of each of those.

Want to make sure you’ll get to your date on time? Choose the fastest option that might make you bike more on faster streets. Feel like riding safely to your destination on mostly bike paths? Choose the safest option. Want to avoid hills to not break a sweat? Choose the flattest path. You can also choose the recommended path, which strikes a balance between all of those. The Alternate Paths menu will also indicate how much time each route takes. And once you select a path type, it’ll always default to that selection in the future.

We hope you like this update to the Navigation feature. A few of you have also asked for the addition of waypoints, we are working on that as well (plus other treats!). Stay tuned!

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